Comparison of EVO dolls from different brands

Doll-forever, Piper Doll, DollHouse168 and Doll-sweet all have their own EVO series dolls right now, although the dolls all share the same "EVO" title, they certainly have different features, which brings up a lot of confusion among our customers, we believe it's necessary to address the difference between them at this point.

Doll-forever & Piper Doll:
For Doll-forever and Piper Doll, the EVO feature is actually an upgrade on the skeleton, which will allow the doll to have a wider movement range including the function of squating, it is extremely handy when it comes to photo taking and posturing the doll into different positions, the customers can decide if they want this feature based on their preference. The EVO skeleton will not make the doll look any different externally, which means you won't be able to tell if the doll has this feature just by looking at her, please make sure the vendor/manufacturer includes this feature if it's in your order. It's also important to point out that the Piper dolls have seamless neck design and this has nothing to do with the EVO feature which is purely skeleton related. In order to make their heads and bodies compatiable with the other brands, Doll-forever uses the traditional M16 screw and bolt neck joint design.

Things get a little bit tricky when it comes to DollHouse168, they actually have two EVO series, DollHouse168 EVO 2018 and DollHouse168 EVO 2019. Both of them have the EVO upgraded skeleton (Unlike Doll-forever and Piper Doll, this upgrade is built-in for DollHouse168 EVO dolls, you can't unselect it), which will allow the dolls to have a wider movement range, the major difference bewteen these two series is the neck joint design. The DollHouse168 EVO 2018 has the latest plug in & pull out neck design, which makes it easier to install the head. The DollHouse168 EVO 2019 uses the traditional M16 screw and bolt neck joint design to stay compatible with the other brands.
Note: Doll-forever, Piper Doll and DollHouse168 EVO 2019 are produced in the same factory and they share the same materials.

Doll-sweet is a silicone sex doll manufacturer, their EVO series have better details and skin texture.