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SANGE 145cm

Heads for SANGE 145cm body (Click on the heads to switch photo galleries):

Face #1

Face #2
(Sealed Mouth)

Photo gallery of SANGE 145cm with Face #1Face #2 head (Click the photos to view them full screen)


Material: High-quality Platinum TPE
Height: 145cm
Weight: 25Kg
Shoulder Width: 29cm
Upper bust: 71cm
Lower bust: 54cm
Waist: 49cm
Hip: 73cm
Thigh girth: 42cm
Vagina: 18cm
Vagina: Fixed
Anus: 13cm
Mouth: 11cm
Sex Openings: Mouth (Except for Face #2) / Anus / Vagina
Dimensions: 134cm*43cm*33cm
Packed Weight: 30Kg
Shipping: We offer free FedEx shipping to North America, Japan and many other countries, usually there will be no customs duties for these countries, if there might be any, we'll let you know in advance, if you're not ok with the potential customs fees, we'll cancel the order and offer you a full refund. For European customers, we offer free exclusive shipping service from UPS, it will guarantee your doll the pass of the customs, it will also take care of the customs duties from our side, which means you won't have to pay the customs fee anymore.