2019 Shanghai Expo

The 2019 Shanghai Expo has come to an end and it was pretty fun to be part of the whole fair, we learned something through the process as well. We've been working together with Doll-forever, DollHouse168 and Piper for years, we spent most of our time at their booth and even helped them answer all these questions from the visitors, it was a very good way to interact with the customers and learn better about the details of the products, which in return can offer us a better sense about how we should organize the information we put on our website, and how we can offer the most important information through the best way possible if the customers are not able to check or feel the dolls in person.

We didn't see as many brands as we did last year, especially new brands. Our speculation is that the inventors have seen clearly about what it takes to survive in this business, last year we've heard some managers talk about how easy it would be to stay in this business, guess things didn't go as planned, their businesses went under and they couldn't make it this year. Their products didn't have very good design or quality, I can't say we were surprised by that. Piper 150cm Akira Outfits

One major purpose for us to visit the expo was to find more new and professional suppliers during the expo, luckily we did find some and they'll be available on our website very soon. Some customers asked us why Doll To China doesn't have all the brands on our website, the answer is simple, we don't sell things we don't know well, or we don't know if we should trust the suppliers, it takes time to build your trust towards the supplers just like it took time for the customers to build their faith in Doll To China.