About Doll To China

The founders of Doll To China used to work for SANHUI, one of the biggest silicone sex doll manufacturers in the doll business, they started Doll To China after gaining enough experiece in this field.

Doll To China is well-known for its great services, timely response and the rich knowledge about the products we carry. We understand purchasing a doll is a big investment for our customers, that's why all the dolls are authentic, we don't sell fake dolls, on top of that, all the informaton related to your orders will be discreet, your privacy is our first priority. Most of the brands we carry are China based, Doll To China can be the perfect bridge between you and the manufacturers. We've built a tight relationship with most of the Chinese sex doll manufacturers the other vendors are not able to match, we'll help you collect all the information you need to make your decision and we'll also help deal with all the unexpected issues, our mission is to bring you the easiest and most professional shopping experience.

Note: This is the new website of dolltochina.com, we hope to pivot all the business to this new website soon, please have patience with us. For now, you can order through both websites.

Doll To China has been in the doll business for years, we're also one of the most popular doll vendors on the doll forum (Click here to visit us on TDF).