Fire Doll Avilable On Doll To China

We're excited to let you all know that Fire Doll is now available on our website, it's an excellent brand created by the former exployees of WM Doll, they certainly know their way around TPE sex dolls....See Full Blog Fire Doll Banner

2019 Shanghai Expo

The 2019 Shanghai Expo has come to an end and it was pretty fun to be part of the whole fair, we learned something through the process as well. We've been working together with Doll-forever, DollHouse168 and Piper for years, we spent most of our time at their booth and even helped them answer all these questions from the visitors, it was a very good way to interact with the customers and learn better about the details of the products, which in return can offer us a better sense about how we should organize the information we put on our website, and how we can offer the most important information through the best way possible if the customers are not able to check or feel the dolls in person....See Full Blog 2019 Shanghai Expo

The story of customizing outfits for Piper 150cm Akira by Mizuwali

We’ve come across many things during the process of picking out and purchasing outfits for the new Piper 150cm Akira, and we hope to share them with all the doll lovers out there.

Firstly, why would I come up with the idea of putting together all these outfits for our dolls?

Ever since I stumbled into the sex doll business, I’ve established a deep feeling of how difficult it is to dress the dolls when we don’t have the right wigs and outfits for them, their beauty will be largely discounted by that. I’m not saying the dolls will lose all the beauty if they’re naked, naked dolls are beautiful in their own ways, but it will be a huge step up if we can try different outfits on them. As far as I’m concerned, the doll owners, regardless of their seniority in the sex doll circle, are actually better off if they can get all these exclusive outfits for their dolls. But purchasing outfits for the dolls can be a huge pain, why is that? Although the dolls look life size, they’re actually way smaller than real human, they have smaller shoulder width, BWH, and etc. Given the way TPE dolls are produced, it’s unlikely for us to make them in life size, because if we do that, the weight can be a big problem, take our Piper 162cm Jenna for an example, amongst all the dolls I’ve designed, she’s the one closest to life size, but her weight becomes a deal-breaker for most of the customers...See Full Blog Piper 150cm Akira Outfits

Two New Piper 150cm Dolls Available

Two new Piper Doll 150cm TPE sex dolls, the Piper Doll 150cm Akira and Piper Doll 150cm Jessica, are now available on Doll To China, these two 150cm dolls have different body shapes and faces from the old Piper Doll 150cm Erian...See Full Blog

Inteview with Piper Designer Mizuwali

Question No.1:
Kimi: Why is Piper more expensive than other TPE sex doll brands? What are your selling points?
Mizuwali: We all know that the biggest character of Piper Doll is the seamless neck design, as far as I’m concerned, it’s the only brand offers such special design at this point. On one hand, I believe such design makes the dolls look more realistic and integrated, but it also drives up the cost dramatically. Most of the doll fans may not know this but for TPE dolls, the possibility of the head suffering from surface defects during producing is much higher compared with the body. For traditional separated head and body design it’s not a big issue, if the head turns out defective, we can just move on and produce a new one, the extra cost is fairly limited. For Piper Doll however, that’s not the case anymore, if the head suffers from a small defect, the whole doll will be considered as defective and we’ll have to start all over. On top of that, the difficulty not only lies in producing, it will affect the following procedures as well, like trimming, cleaning, powdering, making up, packing and so on. In order to deal with all the potential issues, we have to spend longer time and hire more skilled technicians to do the job, it was all reflected in the tremendous increase of the company’s overhead when we first started. With all that added up, the prices of Piper Doll being much more expensive than other brands is really not a surprise... See Full Interview

Comparison of EVO dolls from different brands

Doll-forever, Piper Doll, DollHouse168 and Doll-sweet all have their own EVO series dolls right now, although the dolls all share the same "EVO" title, they certainly have different features, which brings up a lot of confusion among our customers, we believe it's necessary to address the difference between them at this point.

Doll-forever & Piper Doll:
For Doll-forever and Piper Doll, the EVO feature is actually an upgrade on the skeleton, which will allow the doll to have a wider movement range including the function of squating, it is extremely handy when it comes to photo taking and posturing the doll into different positions, the customers can decide if they want this feature based on their preference. The EVO skeleton will not make the doll look any different externally, which means you won't be able to tell if the doll has this feature just by looking at her, please make sure the vendor/manufacturer includes this feature if it's in your order. It's also important to point out that the Piper dolls have seamless neck design and this has nothing to do with the EVO feature which is purely skeleton related. In order to make their heads and bodies compatiable with the other brands, Doll-forever uses the traditional M16 screw and bolt neck joint design...See Full Blog