The story of customizing outfits for Piper 150cm Akira by Mizuwali

We’ve come across many things during the process of picking out and purchasing outfits for the new Piper 150cm Akira, and we hope to share them with all the doll lovers out there.

Firstly, why would I come up with the idea of putting together all these outfits for our dolls?

Ever since I stumbled into the sex doll business, I’ve established a deep feeling of how difficult it is to dress the dolls when we don’t have the right wigs and outfits for them, their beauty will be largely discounted by that. I’m not saying the dolls will lose all the beauty if they’re naked, naked dolls are beautiful in their own ways, but it will be a huge step up if we can try different outfits on them. As far as I’m concerned, the doll owners, regardless of their seniority in the sex doll circle, are actually better off if they can get all these exclusive outfits for their dolls. But purchasing outfits for the dolls can be a huge pain, why is that? Although the dolls look life size, they’re actually way smaller than real human, they have smaller shoulder width, BWH, and etc. Given the way TPE dolls are produced, it’s unlikely for us to make them in life size, because if we do that, the weight can be a big problem, take our Piper 162cm Jenna for an example, amongst all the dolls I’ve designed, she’s the one closest to life size, but her weight becomes a deal-breaker for most of the customers.

In order to reach a perfect balance between the body shape and the weight, some trade-offs will be made and we usually have to do some changes to different parts of the dolls, which can make the dolls a little too skinny compared with real human and that’s the core reason why purchasing outfits for the dolls becomes such a tough job. I’ll usually go with the smallest sizes available while purchasing outfits for the dolls, but that leads to another problem, there are Asian sizes and European sizes. The Asian size S may fit the dolls well, but for our western customers, they’ll have to go with XS sometimes and things get complicated from here. If the outfit doesn’t fit, the doll will look very awkward and lose all the beauty, all the efforts going into dressing her up will also become pointless.

Among all the available choices on the market, the clothes for children have a bigger chance of fitting the dolls, but we want our dolls to look sexy and mature, children’s outfits will definitely not cut it.
Piper 150cm Akira Outfits Based on all these reasons listed above, I began to flirt with the idea of customizing outfits for Piper dolls, but it was not as easy as it looked like, the biggest issue is the quantity. In the beginning, I got in touch with some small shops and invited them to design outfits for our dolls, they didn’t ask for a minimum order quantity, but the quality of the outfits they came up with didn’t really reach my expectations and I had to let them go. After a few more failed trials, the professional clothes designers and factories seemed to be the only possible choice if I wanted to make things right, which would unavoidably lead to the minimum order quantity issue that I wasn’t quite sure how we would deal with. Without any surprise, their job met all the criteria we asked for, but cutting a deal with them meant making a commitment of purchasing hundreds of outfits up front, for a minor brand like Piper itself, making such a big commitment really took a lot of courage. Eventually, we customized three JK uniforms and two lingeries for the new Piper 150cm Akira, storing such a big number of outfits is extremely stressful, but it at least showcased the faith we had in our brand and customers.

I hope this was the first step of all the steps we will be taking to make owning Piper dolls a pleasant experience, I always believe that Piper Doll should not only be a sex doll brand, it should be a name people will associate with loveliness and happiness.

Maybe some people will ask why the bigger players in the sex doll business are not willing to do what we’re doing? Personally, I can come up with two reasons, firstly, sex dolls only mean adult products for them, they only see themselves as a sex doll manufacturer. Secondly, it sure takes a lot of time and effort, other than the pressure of storing all the outfits up front, picking out the right outfits, finding the right suppliers and all the trials we have to go through before we find the suitable ones are not that pleasant, I guess it’s just some dirty work no other manufacturers want to put a finger on.

To be honest, this is something I’ve always wanted to do since the day I started in the sex doll industry, the reason why it took me so long to take this leap was simply because we were too small and weak back then. With all the support and love we get from our customers, I see Piper gets bigger and bigger day after day, I also felt more powerful during that process and I finally reached the point where I believed it was time for me to make my dream come true, I hope our customers will feel our sincerity and appreciate what Piper is able to deliver.

By Mizuwali, the founder of Piper.