Doll-forever Products Breakdown

Basic Information

Doll-forever only uses virgin TPE on their dolls, which means no recycled TPE material will be used. Why is this so important? Recycled TPE will make the dolls crack very easily overtime, it's a huge money saver for some other TPE sex doll manufacturers, but not for Doll-forever, they have a very high standard towards their products.

Doll-forever is also the first TPE sex doll manufacturer to come up with the EVO skeleton, the new design will allow the dolls to have much wider movement range, even squat. We all know what the skeleton design means for a brand, it's really impressive for Doll-forever to put together all this great design.

Doll To China is lucky enough to be introduced to their internatinoal design team, we're pretty sure they'll bring us more amazing products in the near future!

Skin Tone Comparison

Body Comparison

Joints Movement

Operation Manual

Options Introduction

Solid Breasts VS Hollow Breasts: The TPE material they use on their dolls is very soft, the difference between solid breasts and hollow breasts is not that significant. Hollow breasts are more realistic, solid breasts are more durable.

Normal Lips VS Coating Lips: Due to the nature of the TPE material itself, the makeup seems to fade away overtime, the coating lips option makes the doll look sexier to some customers, but the coating lips makeup itself tends to crack as the time goes on, you can rip it off and apply your own makeup when it's not appealing anymore, it's not that difficult.

Normal Skeleton VS EVO Skeleton: EVO Skeleton means wider movement range and longer life span.

Non-standing VS With Standing: Non-standing is more realistic, but the doll with non-standing option is not supposed to be standing for over a few minutes. With Standing option is a must get option if your doll is mainly for photos or you need the doll to stand occasionally.