To Silicone Doll Buyers

Silicone dolls are more delicate and expensive, in order to make things right, we need to pay special attention. Here are our advices based on years of experience.

Advice #1: Silicone dolls are usually way more expensive than TPE dolls, please take an unboxing video after you receive the package. It will save us a lot of trouble if we have an unboxing video in place while confronting the manufacutrers and shipping agents with potential shipping damages. The doll's private parts are the most vulnerable, please be extra careful while checking those parts, do not use your fingers to grab those parts.

Advice #2: Silicone material doesn't stretch as much as TPE, in other words, silicone is more fragile. You can't treat silicone dolls the same way you treat TPE dolls. You have to be more gentle and pay more attention. Use water-based lubricant before each use will prevent the vagina and anus from tearing. Regular cleaning and powdering is also necessary.

Advice #3: Her armpits, vagina, anus and mouth are the most prone to tearing, these are also the parts we need to pay special attention to. Do not keep her hands up in the air or her legs widely spread for a long period of time. Always remember to retrive the doll back to the original position after each use (Legs closed, arms down). Please let us know immediately once you notice any tear on the doll.