TPE Sex Dolls Maintenance

Products description:

1. The TPE sex dolls are made of encapsulated TPE, which makes them integrated molded, soft ,elastic and feel like a real person.
2. Inside the sex dolls, there is a flexible stainless steel skeleton, its maximum flexibility can reach 70% of what a real person is capable of. The sex dolls can make different poses for sexual use, photograph and admiration, etc.
3. Though the sex dolls are seamless and integrated molded, it is a molded and handmade product, in some degrees, you can still notice seams on its body.
4. The eyes of the sex dolls can be adjusted as needed, please pay attention not to damage the eyelashes during adjustment.
5. Sex dolls over 100cm in height all have mouths, vaginas and anuses three passages that can be used. Mouths and anuses are undetachable while vaginas are detachable and are divided into built-in and insert two types. But there will be no significant difference when it comes to the appearances of these two vagina types.
6. It is normal that the skin of the sex dolls may continuously get a little bit greasy.
7. Due to TPE's characteristics, the new sex dolls will smell slightly. Please place the doll in a place ventilated and the smell will disappear after a period of time.
8. There may be some deviation in sex doll’s height, B-W-H measurements and other data due to different measurement methods. Please understand that the data posted on the official website is not absolute.


1. It is suggested to lie flat or hang up the sex dolls for storage. DO NOT place her on a hard surface, otherwise her back and hip might be squashed and deformed. Please be very careful with the back of the sex dolls, it will be hard for the back to recover after being squashed. It would be better to place the TPE sex dolls on a memory foam, it'll sharply reduce the pressure the doll is exposed to, it will also help maintain the perfect body curve of the sex dolls. For a sex doll with standing capability, it can be stored vertically, but only when leaning against some supporting objects. Do not let the sex doll stand unaided so as to prevent the doll from being turned over and destroyed due to accidental crash. If you choose to hang up your sex doll, please use the special hooks manufactured by the original factory and hang the doll to a firm place, in order to prevent the sex doll from falling and being destroyed.
2. Do not keep the doll in the same position or its arms and legs bent for too long. The former will flatten the TPE sex doll's hip and crack the colloid of the hip, the latter will crack the colloid of the elbow and knee joints.
3. Please pay attention to adjusting the gravity center of the doll if adopting the posture with its wrists or elbows on the ground for there is a risk of damage of the colloid of its palms, wrists and elbows.
4. Please restore the doll to the original posture as soon as possible after using it.
5. Do not make non-standing dolls stand, it may badly damage the colloid of their feet.
6. There are exterior metal pieces at the bottom of the feet of standing dolls, which means there will be a risk of scratching your floor, especially for the wooden or other soft-texture floor. It is suggested not to make the sex dolls stand with bare feet. Standing with shoes and socks on can maintain the feet of the doll clean and protect the floor.
7. When making the standing doll stand, please pay special attention to adjusting the gravity center of the doll and the tightness of its hip, knee and ankle joints, so as to prevent the doll from toppling over because of unbalanced gravity center or loose joints. Do not make the doll stand unaided (without support objects) when joints are too loose and please avoid the situation of the support object and the doll compressing each other if the doll stands aided for a long time, so as to prevent the joints of the doll exposed to the support object from being pressed and deformed.
8. It is natural that the joints of the doll are set to be tight before leaving the factory. The joints will get looser after being used for a period of time. Operating the skeleton fast and roughly may speed up the pace of relaxation and please notice that the joints can not be restored once loosened.
9. Inside the fingers of the doll there are phalanges made of high-strength copper wire. Bending the fingers back and forth fast and repeated will make the phalanges fractured.
10. Eyeballs of the sex dolls may be different in size or not symmetrical in position when unwrapped due to uncontrollable shaking and impact during transportation. In that case, please adjust them by yourselves. (The eyes will seem big when the eyeballs bulge, so gently push in the eyeballs with fingers. On the contrary, the eyes will seem small when the eyeballs retreat in the sockets, so gently pull out the eyeballs with fingers.)
11. If the nail tips of the doll drop, stick with a little 502 (super glue).
12. If the eyelashes of the doll drop, stick them with commercially available eyelash glue or 502. If the original eyelashes are destroyed, replace with commercially available false eyelashes.
13. When installing the insert vagina, please apply lubricating liquid (shower gel or lotion) to the vagina and inside of the doll, then spread her legs gently and completely (to a split position) so as to insert the vagina into your doll successfully.
14. Please do not kiss the doll or lick and bite the body of the doll.
15. Use lubricating liquid or oil so as to avoid injuring the doll and the user. It is suggested to buy the lubricating liquid specially for sex toys, which will offer you a better experience.


Since the colloid of the TPE sex dolls will get greasy naturally, dust will be likely to stick to the oil on the skin surface of the doll and then cause stains. Good dust-prevention can reduce the chance of stains.

Regular maintenance:

Regular maintenance is the basic maintenance which should be executed about once a week and aiming to slow down the aging of the TPE sex doll colloid, increase comfort of touching the skin of the sex doll and reduce the exposure of the skin to the dust. During maintenance, apply talcum powder evenly to the skin surface of the doll with a powder puff.

Irregular cleaning and maintenance:

It is after-use cleaning and maintenance which shall be done when there are stains after the sex doll is used. Cleaning first and then maintenance. When cleaning the sex doll, use water with ordinary soaps or shower gel, and keep the water temperature at a range that normal people can bear. Do not use corrosive detergent to clean or sterilize.
If there is a small range of stains on the skin surface of the doll, use cotton swabs soaked with cleansing oil to wipe and clean. If there is a large range of stains, use wet towels with soap or shower gel to wipe and clean. The skin surface of the TPE sex dolls will feel a little bit sticky and unsmooth after cleaning. In that case, use talcum powder for maintenance in the same way as the above mentioned regular maintenance.


Dry the skin surface and the passages of the TPE sex dolls completely so as to avoid fungus. Once the doll gets mouldy, there is no remedial cleaning method. Please keep the doll dry so as to avoid doing harm to the service life of the doll and sanitation and health of the user.
Try to avoid cleaning the TPE sex doll by shower, bath or powerful water jets flushing, or there may be a rusting risk of the metal skeleton because the water is likely to enter the inside of the doll.


If there are stains that can not be removed by cleansing oil or shower gel, it may be because of dyeing. Please don’t be nervous if dying occurs, use the complementary dyeing removal cream to clear up the dyeing.

Usage of the dyeing removal cream:

Apply a thin layer of the dyeing removal cream with cotton swabs onto the dyeing place of the doll and the dyeing will fade after 4 to 8 hours. Applying one or two times is enough for cleaning slight dyeing. Several times are required for cleaning severe dyeing.

Causes of dyeing:

Color shift (or dyeing) will occur when the skin of the TPE sex doll touches objects with poor color fastness, such as clothes, sofa, bedclothes and bed sheet, etc. Generally, objects in dark color are more likely to dye the doll, so try to avoid wearing dark-colored clothes so as to reduce the chance of dyeing of the doll.
Please notice that wearing the wig for a long time may also dye the top of the TPE real doll.