Gynoid 2021 New Features

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Price: Start at $4099

Gynoid just released two new features.
New Feature #1: Extra-soft Body. With this new feature, the whole body will be softer (The head, breasts and vagina will still have the same softness as before). The doll will be 3 to 5 KG heavier.
New Feature #2: Hard feet (Standing feet without studs). With this new feature, there will be no studs inside the doll's feet, but the doll can stand for a long time without the soles being damaged. Gynoid recommends all their customers to switch between hanging, standing, and laying down so that the doll is not always standing. This would be the best way to store the doll. They also recommend ensuring that the doll’s weight is spread evenly on the soles and not just the heel, and to place a soft object under the doll’s feet like a yoga mat or cushion.