Piper Silicone Sex Dolls

Products Introduction:

The new Piper silicone line is also designed by Mizuwali's team (Click here to visit Mizuwali's Twitter page), the same team behind the Pipe TPE line. The Piper TPE line has been doing pretty well and they went on to expand their silicone sex doll line, which is a great choice, it goes to show their confidence and creativity.

We've been selling Piper Doll since day one, we've also established and maintained a great relationship with them over the years. Due to our mutual trust, we're lucky enough to know the things behind the scene, the things our dear customers don't normally get to see. One thing that manifests Piper's passion towards their products the most is the improvements we'll nomrally see on each new product.

They added some new members to their team and they now use 3D printing to design their new models, that's why the details keep getting better and better. They didn't even consider use the molds from their TPE line and just make them availalbe in silicone, they know their silicone material extremely well and they want to make the best out of it, so they did all the design pretty much from scratch and their silicone silicone line has a new set of molds. Piper deserves our support just by looking at the time they're willing to spend on their products.

Notes on SAF (80cm and 100cm dolls) Silicone Action Figures:

Piper S.A.F series are small movable dolls made of super soft platinum silicone. It’s very delicate. The movement of the built-in skeleton follows the design of the skeletons and joints of the big dolls, so it’s very precise and it requires special care when operating. It may cause damage easily by improper operation.

Because S.A.F dolls are very small, and skeleton and joint have a certain size, the silicone skin is very thin. Excessive force during operation often leads to skin tearing and metal part piercing. (Silicone is most vulnerable to sharp and hard objects).

Piper Doll’s silicone product series use ultra-soft platinum silicone to enhance customer’s touch and experience when using it. This kind of silicone is prone to dents with vigorous press, so please be careful not to hold or press the limbs or other parts of the doll with too much strength when operating the skeleton. If above situations happen accidentally, please gently knead and massage the dent area, most of the dents will restore. Keep in mind that if a very deep dent is generated by excessive force, it may not be restored.

New Features Introduction:

Piper silicone line now has three add-on features: 1. Hardened hands. 2. Hardened feet. 3. Soft Butt (Gel filled)

With the hard feet feature, you can have the dolls standing for at least days, having the doll standing for storage is feasible as well, but you need to keep a close eye on the feet just in case something happens, and please make sure the doll is standing on a soft surface like a yoga mat or something like that. Piper recommends all their customers to switch between hanging, standing, and laying down so that the doll is not always standing. This would be the best way to store the doll. They also recommend ensuring that the doll’s weight is spread evenly on the soles and not just the heel, and to place a soft object under the doll’s feet like a yoga mat or cushion.

Piper New Features

Hardened hands feature demonstration

Hardened feet feature demonstration

Soft butt demonstration

Products Maintenance:

Mouth: The oral function is not availalbe on their silicone line, please do not use it. The mouth is about 1.5cm in depth, kissing is feasible.

Eyes: Do not use your hands to take the eyes out, use a curved stick or metal with round tip to help take the eyes out, please always be gentle and careful during the process.

Makeup: The makeup is painted and sealed, which makes it pretty much permanent, but it still will be damaged by rough handling, please be careful around these areas while cleaning the doll.

Breasts: All Piper silicone dolls have gel filled breasts type, which is the most realistic type available right now.

Cleaning: Please use water or ordinary and alcohol free body lotion to clean the doll. If you plan on trying something speical on the doll, please email us and ask for a silicone sample after you place your order, it's better to test it out on the sample before you use it on the doll.

We know it's a very simple maintenance guidance, but these are also the most fundamental things you should always keep in mind. If you need more imforation or help, please don't hesitate to reach out, we're here to offer help.