Piper Silicone Sex Dolls New Features

New Features Introduction:

Piper silicone line now has four add-on features:
#1. Hardened hands (Free)
#2. Hardened feet (Free)
#3. Soft Butt (Gel filled, available for 130cm and up, +$100)
#4. Implanted Hair (The head will be made with hard silicone, +$100)
#5. Articulated fingers (Available for 140cm and above, +$150).

Please also keep in mind that they're only available for the Piper silicone line, the Piper TPE line doesn't have them.

With the hard feet feature, you can have the dolls standing for at least days, having the doll standing for storage is feasible as well, but you need to keep a close eye on the feet just in case something happens, and please make sure the doll is standing on a soft surface like a yoga mat or something like that. Piper recommends all their customers to switch between hanging, standing, and laying down so that the doll is not always standing. This would be the best way to store the doll. They also recommend ensuring that the doll’s weight is spread evenly on the soles and not just the heel, and to place a soft object under the doll’s feet like a yoga mat or cushion.

New updates

Starting now, Piper silicone dolls will come with hard hands and feet by default. You can still choose to exclude them if you want to, but we won't offer any post-sale service regarding issues related to this.

If you get the soft butt feature for a Piper silicone 130cm or taller doll, please keep in mind that if you make the doll sit or lie flat, her butt will deform and cave in, it is reversible, which means the material will recover on its own. In addition to that, soft butt may suffer from tearing, please choose carefully as to if you should add the soft butt feature to your order since we won't offer any post-sale service if this happens.

1. Hardened hands

The range of hardened part is the fingers, the entire palm and the part above the wrist. Because it is handmade, the height of the hardened part above the wrist cannot be accurately controlled. It depends on the actual shipment situation.

Pros: The entire hand will be better protected.

Cons: The hands feel harder.

2. Hardened feet

The range of hardened part is the toes, soles and the part above the ankles. The height above the ankles cannot be accurately controlled. It depends on the actual production situation.

Pros: The entire foot will be better protected, the soles are stronger, impossible to scratch the floor.

3. Articulated fingers

This feature makes the hands stronger and more realistic.

Hardened hands feature demonstration

Hardened hands fingers (wires) demonstration

Hardened feet feature demonstration

Hardened feet hardness (front & back) demonstration

Soft butt demonstration

Piper New Features

Piper Silicone Implanted Hair

Piper New Features
Piper New Features
Piper New Features