Starpery Products Breakdown

Basic Information

Starpery is a new player in the doll business, but the ideas they came up with and the details on their dolls are just stunning.

You can choose TPE body or silicone body to go with silicone heads. Why do they offer two material options when it comes to the bodies? Well, TPE is softer and much cheaper, silicone has better details and more realistic, by offering more options, they're able to cater to more customers.

Are their TPE and silicone materials that different? Well, the videos below may help you with that. They use foam core on their silicone bodies, which makes it about 2KG lighter than their TPE bodies respectively.

Material Comparison

Starpery 151cm Rong
TPE Body + Silicone Head

Starpery 151cm Rong
Silicone Body + Silicone Head

Starpery 171cm Silicone VS TPE

Product Details

Starpery Silicone Softness Demonstration

Starpery TPE 156cm Body (Front)

Starpery TPE 156cm Body (Back)

Starpery Articulated Fingers

Moaning Feature (The blinking object is the speaker which is wirelessly connected to the cotroller inside the doll)